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Doyle Chambers

An Open Letter

Hello, my name is Doyle Chambers. I started my marketing business in 1989. I had no money. But I was inspired to make it happen after reading "The Lazy Man's Way To Riches" - written by Joe Karbo. Joe's secret in a nutshell - BE AN EFFECTIVE MARKETER. That one book propelled me forward.

All I had was my Mother's old typewriter. I started writing small reports and selling them with ads in small publications. My ad was pulling in money directly from the ad itself. I was making more and more money...because I kept on reinvested my profits into more ads. In fact, I ran the exact same ad for 15 years in all the major opportunity magazines.

 rich cowboy marketer

In 1990, I met a Rich Cowboy Marketer who expanded my mind to use a clever system to make even more money. 

Richard was a millionaire...and a 40-year Big-Time marketer living on his South Texas ranch.

This brilliant man taught me a BOLD marketing system that could be used to catapult ANY business into giant money very quickly.
For years, I studied Richard's system inside and out. To this day...I have never met or seen any marketer who could top this Rich Cowboy Marketer's system for making fast and consistent money. (Be sure to LOOK at System 10 in my online Catalog to see it for yourself!)

Because of my efforts from working this exact same system, I've been earning an ever-growing income for over 25 years.

Anyone Can Use My Easy Duplicatable System to Create a Growing Weekly Income, Get Completely Out of Debt, and Operate Your Life with All Cash.

This is a SYSTEM. 
Everything has been worked out for you. Nothing compares with the financial action plan that is detailed on my website.
I’ve really got it all together.

I help bring people to early retirement.

When you have a proven system that works - you don’t have to mislead people. They come aboard quickly when they see and hear the facts. You’ll know it’s real when you see it. You won’t be able to sleep for days after you read it.

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  Doyle Chambers 

Doyle Chambers

25+ Year Master Marketer

 Real Cash-Flow Funnel

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A Side Story...Here's what a Small Town Millionaire taught me about the Multiple Income Solution.

multiple income solution

Many years ago I met a man named Fred - who owned a number of businesses in town. I was eating at his restaurant and he came over and started talking about business. Me, being the inquisitive type, jumped right in with all sorts of questions.

This wildly successful restaurant owner told me that he also owned a "piece" of the town gym, two pizza parlors, another fancy restaurant, a golf course, and a landscaping business. Fred also owned several rental properties. In total, Fred had over eight (8) different income streams. Fred was a very rich man.

The next thing Fred revealed to me was astoundly brilliant. I hope you can appreciate this as much as me. I asked him, What was his "model" for business? Not in locating businesses, or what types of products to sell. I wanted to know his philosophy. What Fred said fascinated me. Not only in its simplicity, but in how profound his answer was.

You'll be BLOWN AWAY by what this Rich Man told me next. You can quickly start applying this same multiple income solution in your own life. You'll learn how to do this WITHOUT buying or running any type of local business. I can show you how to collect money in multiple ways NATIONWIDE...doing some pleasant work only a few minutes a day from your home.

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